Luxury cabinets and vanities for GTA homes are more affordable than ever. Learn more about contemporary cabinet making technology.

Luxury Cabinets and Vanities for GTA Homes

Through the ages, cabinet makers have been creating luxury cabinets and vanities. Decades ago, these pieces were available only to the very wealthy, and many are now in museums. But today’s technology has allowed modern cabinet makers to create luxury cabinets and vanities that are both beautiful and affordable for GTA homeowners.

Advances in Manufacturing

Look for a company that manufactures cabinets on-site and ask about their processes. Better cabinet makers use CNC machining (Computer Numerical Control), which ensures precision in a way that was not possible decades ago. The CNC process creates custom cabinets that fit perfectly in your home. In addition, technology for cabinet door finishes has made great advances in recent years. You can opt for spray booths, which offer custom colours that are smooth and even, or the Thermofoil process, which combines unparalleled durability and beauty.

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Partnering with a Company

Look for a company that does its own manufacturing on-site. Tour the showroom and ask questions of the company’s design consultant. Consider what you hope to achieve with your renovation and what suits your particular home in your specific neighbourhood.

In the GTA, luxury cabinets and vanities are not only for the wealthy any longer. Contact a local cabinet designer today and see how easy and affordable your renovation could be.

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